Liqui Dex 30mL 1mg/mL

Liqui Dex 30mL 1mg/mL
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LiquiDex / LiquiDex / Liquidex (Dex) is an aromatase inhibitor (AI). An AI is in a class of drugs used for the treatment of breast cancer and ovarian cancer by lowering estrogen.

Dex has also been utilized in off-label use to treat or prevent Gynaecomastia in male test subjects with un-normal hormone levels or that have been administered superalogical (high, un-normal) levels of androgenic hormones. In this case Dex is used to keep estrogen low-normal while keeping other wanted androgen levels high.

Dex shows much of its positive effects in research due to its estrogen lowering capabilities and has been shown in research studies to lessen and/or prevent Edema (bloating), high blood pressure (BP) and Gynaecomastia (breast tissue growth in men). This works for Dex when estrogen levels may be higher in the body due to other factors. Dex does this very effectively and has been shown to be well tolerated in test subjects.

We are proud to offer you only the highest quality Dex available for all your research needs!

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