Liquid Letro 30mL 2.5mg/mL

Liquid Letro 30mL 2.5mg/mL
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Letro is an aromatase inhibitor (AI) and what this means is it stops the expression of the aromatase enzyme, thus leading to a decline in estrogen levels in the body. Aromatase is responsible for the conversion to some hormones likes estrogen, from other hormones. When for example a test subject has abnormally high testosterone levels this may lead to a raised conversion of testosterone to estrogen via aromatase and give rise to unwanted estrogenic effects.

Letro is useful in the research of androgens, estrogens and how they work in the body. Letro has opened doors to not only to possible treatments for cancer (why it was originally developed), but has also been shown effective at promoting spermatogenesis, delay the fusing of the growth plates, Endometriosis and for many other hormonal disorders as well.

A common condition seen with abnormally high estrogen levels in males is a condition called Gynecomastia (Gyno) which is the development of female like breast tissue. This can happen even after puberty and Letro has been shown to be very effective at lowering estrogen levels in many research studies, in fact as high at 90% + suppression. This is why Letro is a top pick for researches looking to research the possible treatment of conditions in their research subjects that are related to high estrogen, like for example gyno, edema (bloat) and high blood pressure.

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