Liquid Stane 30mL 25mg/mL

Liquid Stane 30mL 25mg/mL
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Liquid StaneLiquid Stane (Stane) is an aromatase inhibitor (AI) with its main use being the treatment of breast cancerAromatase is an enzyme that synthesizes estrogen and Stane blocks this synthesis leading to lower estrogen levelsStane binds irreversibly to the site of the enzyme causing inactivation of the aromatase, this class of AI’s is known as a suicide inhibitor.

Stane has been shown to be well tolerated by test subjects and has been shown extremely effective at supressing estrogen conversion and lowering the levels of active estrogen to an astounding 80-90% suppression. 

With Stane’s ability to vlower estrogen so effectively, it has led to many positive findings in research and the development of treatments for various types of illness. Stane has been found very effective at treating hormonal dysfunction that may be a result of administration of estrogen converting/altering compounds. When estrogen levels are too high some issues that may arise are; edemahigh blood pressure and Gynecomastia.

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