Liquid Varden 30mL 5mg/mL

Liquid Varden 30mL 5mg/mL
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Liquid Varden (Varden) is a drug in the class of drugs called “PDE5 inhibitors‶ and its main application is in the treatment of erectile dysfunction(ED). Varden has also shown positive effects in treating cardiovascular disease, hypertension and is being further research for its possible use in treating cyctic fibrosis. Liquid Varden is a very useful compound with many possible applicable research fields for study in its possible use for treatment and prevention of many conditions.

Varden is well known for its great results in the treatment of ED. Varden effectively inhibits PDE5, which is an enzyme that breaks cGMP down in the body. By stopping or limiting this enzyme’s effects with the use of Varden, it has shown extremely effective at increasing blood flow to the genitals of test subjects resulting in positive changes in sexual intercourse and mood.

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2) Response to On-demand Liquid Varden was Improved by its Daily Usage in Hypertensive Men.Javaroni V, Queiroz Miguez M, Burla A, Oigman W, Neves MF.
3) Erectile dysfunction: conservative treatment and new approaches].Henriet B, Roumeguère T.
4) The PDE5 inhibitor Liquid Varden does not affect auditory sensory gating in rats and humans.Reneerkens OA, Sambeth A, Van Duinen MA, Blokland A, Steinbusch HW, Prickaerts J.

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