Methyl B12 Drops 1000mcg per Serving 50ml

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"B-12 is an essential vitamin. Its benefits are widespread and is often lacking in many peoples diet. Also there are limiting factor within the body that determine just how much B-12 can be effectively utilized. We will get more into that in a moment.

The primary benefits of B-12 are:

*It is essential for all cell regeneration within the body. So all healing and repair of skin and tissue including muscle require B-12.

* Crucial in the regulation of the nervous system and in the health of the myelin sheath which wraps around the nerve and allows for efficient transmission of nerve impulses.

*Protects against cancers including breast, colon lung and prostate cancer.

*Maintains a healthy digestive system and protects against heart disease by and improving unhealthy cholesterol levels, protecting against stroke, and high blood pressure.

*It is needed to convert carbohydrates into glucose in the body, thus leading to energy production and a decrease in fatigue and lethargy in the body as well as essential in the production of melatonin required for a good nights rest.

*Promotes healthy liver function and cell regeneration.

Many of the benefits of B-12 as far as tissue repair and regeneration, energy production, fatigue reduction, and liver protection and regeneration are obvious but as you can see the benefits go much farther than even those.

The problem with most oral B-12 is it is required to survive the stomach and is then activated by limited intrinsic factors in the rest of the digestive system. We are proud to offer this newest form of B-12 which bypasses the digestive system and eliminates the role these intrinsic factors play in its bio-availability. Making it far superior to other oral forms available.

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