Liquid Prami 60mL 1mg/mL

Liquid Prami 60mL 1mg/mL
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Liquid Prami (Prami) is dopamine agonist with inhibiting effects on prolactin release from the pituitary. This has allowed research into and shown positive effects with; DepressionBipolar disorderGyno (Gynecomastia), FibromyalgiaCluster headachesSexual dysfunctionParkinson's diseaseRestless legs syndrome and the lowering of prolactin levels.

Prami has shown very promising in treating many conditions from mental to hormonal and even physical, it truly is a great compound with many possibilities. It has shown extremely effective at lowering prolactin levels in various studies. This is of great interest because abnormally high levels of prolactin can cause unwanted effects, mainly an issue found in males with abnormal hormone levels. This may include symptoms such as lactation and Gyno (development of female like breast tissue). Prami would be ideal for research into treating these conditions, but also many more which may be caused by anti-depressant medication, anti-psychotic medication and from hormonal supplementation side effects (e.g. Gyno).

Prami has also shown to be effective and well tolerated by test subjects. Prami has the half-life of about 8-9 hours.

We are proud to offer you the highest quality Prami for all your research needs.

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