Liquid Osta 30mL 25mg/mL

Liquid Osta 30mL 25mg/mL
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Liquid Osta, or mk2866, belongs to the family of research compounds known as selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. This is an exciting class of compound on the cutting edge of research in many circles.

selectively bind to androgen receptors, activating many of the often desired effects of an androgen in your research subject while not activating many of the often undesired effects. For example many androgens tend to adversely impact liver enzymes in your research subjects. Quite often , such as this one, have a very minimal impact in this area. The effects do not just stop there, however. Quite often administration of an androgen to a research subject would illicit the shutdown of that subjects HPTA. While with many , such as Liquid Osta, this is more of a dose dependent effect with very little impact at all at the lower doses of this particular Sarm.

are extremely exciting for our research purposes. It can allow you to observe changes in lean body mass, a reduction in body fat, along with many other positive, desirable effects of androgens while minimizing many of the often considered negative effects.

Many believe are the future in our research circle and we are proud to offer you one of the most outstanding available for your research, Liquid Osta.
Get your Liquid Osta NOW and best of luck in your research!

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